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I currently had an Apple Music subscription (Family plan) thru Apple it was $14.99/mth for all four of my family.  I just cancelled it and added the 6 month free Apple Music plan from Verizon. Three of the four lines on my account have subscribed. I see that after the 6 month promo thru Verizon ends that my cost per subscribed number will be $9.99. With 3 lines that ends up being almost $30/mth. I will end up paying twice the amount for Apple Music thru Verizon after 6 months. What incentive/incentives will there be to keep me as a Apple Music subscriber thru Verizon if my costs are going to double of that same plan thru Apple Music?  Is there a family plan for Apple Music with Verizon?


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Being able to save money with the Apple Music promotion is always a good thing, and as a budget guy myself, I can appreciate your concern regarding pricing once your Verizon offer ends. So, let's work together and get a solution in place that works best for you.


At this time, we don't have a family option for Apple Music on Verizon. If I were in your shoes, and I was looking to take advantage of the free offer, I'd recommend moving up to the Beyond Unlimited plan for $10 more per line, per month. With our unlimited plans you can mix and match. So, the line that doesn't use Apple Music can stay on Go Unlimited while the others move to Beyond Unlimited. With the Beyond Unlimited plan, you'll see a $30 monthly increase since you'd only be moving three out of your four lines, but the $9.99 will be covered for each line for the Apple Music subscription, as shown here ( under question #2. 


Aside from the Apple Music being included, there are some other great benefits with this plan as well, shown within this link ( as a comparison of the unlimited plan offerings we have. How do your family members utilize their phones outside of the Apple Music usage? What apps specifically are some of your/their favorites? I just want to be sure you're set up for success not only with Apple Music but your Verizon plan as well.


I know I've provided a lot of information for your review, so let me know your thoughts on this!