Lost pictures after rep did reset on iPhone


At random my iPhone would not receive or make calls, it was still able to text and use other functions. When i went into the verizon store the rep said the only way to restore the service was to reset the phone. After 2 hours of transferring everything to the icloud and resetting the phone, all the photos were gone from the phone and not on the icloud. Additionally, this did not fix the phone service. I not only lost photos for the past several years (wedding, child's first year, and other occassions), but I had to purchase a new iPhone. When the rep realized the photos were gone they suggested I go to apple to have them help. After speaking with the Apple rep they indicated the photos were not on the iclould and couldnt help. I want to know what can be done to recover these photos and why this was the avenue the rep decided to take. If I would have known this would occur I would definitley not have agreed to take that approach.