Conflicting data usage information


Hello all!

So, I've been getting alerts that I've almost used up my whole data usage for my billing cycle, which has happened before so it's not too shocking. However, this time I'm completely confused because my bill cycle only began a few days ago. Yes, I was traveling and using more data, but not enough (I would think) to use almost a month's worth of data in less than a week.

So I checked it out on the website and I'm getting conflicting info:

My data usage page says I've used 2.5 of my 3 GB for the month.

My data usage analysis page (where you can see your data usage across multiple months) shows I've used 1.14 GB of the 3 GB, which seems much more realistic since my average usage since I joined Verizon is 2.07 GB per month.

To which is it? Why would these numbers be so different? Really hoping to avoid overages but I'm not going to buy more data when the numbers that are being shown to me seem completely suspect.

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Re: Conflicting data usage information

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The correct usage is going to be on the main data usage pain, which you indicate is 2.5 GB out of 3 GB.

The data usage analysis page only shows billed months, so when you see March, that is the last bill. Your current usage will show on the April bill.