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I have two iPhone 5s.  On one of them the Mail App works perfectly with Verizon.net with no issues.  On the other hand, the other iPhone 5 has had continual issues with email using Verizon.net.  Big time data useage (even on Wifi) and inability to receive and send messages.  After talking with multiple customer service reps including corporate, I have been advised by a Tech Manager that this is a known issue with the iPhone and is an Apple software problem which should be fixed in the future.  I have been advised to use the FIOS app to check my email.  Has anyone out there experienced this issue? 

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Re: iPhone Mail App


1. If your iPhone was purchased less than 90 days ago, call Apple support - you have complimentary phone support for 90 days.

2. If your iPhone was purchased more than 90 days ago, but less than a year ago - call Apple support and BUY APPLECARE PROTECTION PLAN PLUS.  I CANNOT stress this highly enough - it is worth every single penny.  APP+ extends both your phone support AND hardware warranty to two years from date of purchase.  Be sure to get the PLUS part - that's what covers two incidents of accidental damage from handling.

3. If it was purchased more than a year ago - call Apple Support and spring for the $19 to get an Apple iOS advisor to work with you.  That $19 covers your issue for 30 days - so if they offer you a fix, and the problem recurs within 30 days - you don't have to pay again.

4. At the very least, go to the Apple support site and check the discussion forums there - you will find many, many experiences Apple users there who may help you for free.