iPhone 5 problems


Last night I was charging my phone, like always, and it was working fine.

Well this morning I go to send a text and it won't let me.

All I see is a little circle where the wifi is.

So, I turned it off then turned it back on.

It still didn't allow me to send a text.

I can use my iMessage with wifi, but I don't have wifi all the time.

I can recieve phone calls but can't make them.

It's like I have an iPod as a phone.

I did recieve a text saying that I used 75% of my data usage but that shouldn't affect my texting.

I tried to send normal SMS texts (green colored) and it says the text failed to send.

If y'all can help me out, it would be great and I would really appreciate it!

Thanks, Alyson

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Re: iPhone 5 problems

Customer Support

That's not good at all, alysonhearod. I'm confident I can get this resolved. Give this step a try first...http://tinyurl.com/n5wt5ll  Let me know if this resolves your troubles. Have a great weekend.


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