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iPhone 5 not showing home wifi


As of about 2 weeks ago my iPhone 5 stopped picking up my home wifi. Our network name isn't even shown in the network options anymore. And what's weird is, my phone would also show both of my neighbor's network names, but now it isn't even showing that anymore. I went to the verizon store yesterday where I was told to reset the network settings on the phone (which I already did and it didn't help) and reset all settings on the phone, and that still didn't do anything. I even turned the router off for a minute and then turned it back on and still nothing! I'm very annoyed because I don't want to use all of my data and end up paying for it if I go over. Any one have any suggestions??

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Re: iPhone 5 won't pick up home wifi anymore

Customer Support


When it comes to my usage, wi-fi is my savior. So, I want to make sure you're taken care of. Given that you've gone through full troubleshooting already, we may need to look into a replacement. At your convenience, please accept my follow request, follow back, and direct message me your mobile number and billing system password (or last four of your social if a password isn't present) so we can review options together.

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