i tried changing my icloud email/password and it just won't let me. what do i do?


i just recently switched over to gmail and have been changing all of my social media emails to that one. i logged onto itunes and changed my apple ID email/password with no problem, but then i tried changing my icloud account and that's where the issues are occuring. when i go to settings and then to icloud, it automatically asks me to enter my password for my AOL account (the one i am currently trying to switch from), so i do and it says it's incorrect (even though the password has been the same ever since i've gotten icloud). then, i try the new password that i made with my gmail account and it says it's incorrect as well. my phone is now acting really weird; not opening apps, not sending any imessages and i don't know what to do. i'm not very tech savy so i really do need some help.

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