Signal Strength Issues


We have 2 identical iPhone-5's in our household.  Mine seems to work fine (in our home location) and often shows almost full strength, though not LTE on the cellular signal.  Our other phone drops calls virtually ALL the time, and never seems to have a strong signal strength in precisely the same location. By comparison - it is one dot (maybe 2) versus 4 or 5 signal strength on my phone. Is there a way to test (or troubleshoot) this phones radio to verify it is operating correctly ?  Can this phone be corrected, or replaced ?

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Re: Signal Strength Issues

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Oh my, that is certainly not good! Let's get you the service you deserve. Is the software on both iPhones up to date? Have we swapped the SIM card on the device that has lower signal? What is your zip code? Please provide additional details so we can get to the bottom of this for you.

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Re: Signal Strength Issues


I spent a considerable amount of time over the phone with Technical support

on this issue.  We have made, changed, or verified ALL of the settings on

the phone that could be an issue.  The one thing that you mention in your

email "Changing the SIM card" was not mentioned by the tech support.

I would definitely like to try that -- How do we proceed ?

Please contact me back at  (removed).


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Re: Signal Strength Issues

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Go to any Verizon Wireless Corporate store and they will give you a new one for free.

call *611 or 1-800-922-0204 and request a free sim be sent to you.

Good Luck