Shared data will be shared between the two pre-orders?


I just pre ordered two IPhone 5's.

On the first pre order I changed my plan to the 12gb data and mobile hotspot, unlimited text and voice.

Since I had to have two transactions to order two phones, I did the exact same thing for the second phone, same account, different number. 

Will Verizon see that these two phones will be on the same plan?  Will the cost still be 100 per phone?  will I have 24 GB to share bewteen my phones, computer, Kindle, etc.? or 12GB as I expected and desire. 

The pre-order process was not that detailed, and I had hoped that the brains involved in such efforts would be thinking this stuff through for us before we asked the questions.  Would someone please confirm my confidence in Verizon and Apple?  Thanks.

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Re: Shared data will be shared between the two pre-orders?

Customer Support

Hi, jmarsz18!

Congratulations on your new iPhone 5! If ordered separately, they will likely appears as two individual accounts, but can be easily merge into one! Keep us posted if you need further assistance once activated!

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