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Question on Bill with Edge Program


I just bought an Iphone 5s today and signed up for the edge program. Paid $622.84 over 24 months which comes to 27.08 a month with a 20.00 credit for increasing from 6mb to 10mb. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

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Re: Question on Bill with Edge Program

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Yes, withe Edge on MORE Everything you get $20 off the lines access charge for plans 10GB and up.  You still have to pay for the data access charge in addition to the line access charge.

What exactly is your question?


Re: Question on Bill with Edge Program

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The $20 comes off the line fee not the data fee. Going from 6 GB to 10 is $20 so basically you $20 savings is basically going to get 4 more GB. If you're not interested in having more than  6GB you can leave it there and still get $10 a month off.

Anyway you bill would be

Line Fee $20( $40-$20 discount for Edge )

Edge Payment $27.08

Data Plan 10GB $100

So your total would be $147.08 plus taxes and fees. I am assuming you have a single line.