Not receiving International texting


For the last month i have not been able to receive text messages from Italy. I have reset my phone, taken out the contact, deleted old messages. this worked at first but now nothing! I even got a new iphone 5 a few days ago (the resetting caused issues with the iphone 5....) Hoping a new phone would resolve my issues but it doesn't seem to be.

Anything else i can try. I have to spoken to global services and regular verizon, i have no blocks and should be able to send/receive text... Apple says it is not a iphone issue but a carrier issue. This is very, very frustrating!!

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Re: Not receiving International texting

Customer Support


I understand the importance of being able to receive all your text messages, especially if they are from family or friends aboard!

Are you able to send and receive text messages from local numbers in the USA? Can you send  text messages to the person in Italy?

If the text messages are working properly with numbers in the USAit may be an issue with the carrier in Italy.


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