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NYC 10023 One Bar


Over the past 3 months my service has diminished.  At the most I have one bar on the west side and east side in the 60's, some calls go right to voice.  Text messages can take from 5 minutes to 24 hours to reach my wifes phone less then 2 miles away.    Reset the network settings but it did not help and there is a current ticket out but I am not expecting any true fix.  For 150 dollars a month for 2 phones this is a real rip off.  I do travel to a remote location in NC and I always  have 4-5 bars there figure that one out, the problems only occur in NYC.  If it is an over utilization problem then verizon should not accept any new customers till issues resolved.

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Re: NYC 10023 One Bar

Customer Support


I want you to experience the best of our network!  I see you have tried a number of troubleshooting steps, including the filing of a network ticket.  If you haven't yet received a resolution from the ticket, I would be more than happy to check the status for you.  Just accept my "follow" request, and send me a Direct Message so I can further review.  Thanks!

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