Missing back-arrow, create-mail icons in e-mail message windows.

Running my new iPhone5 with iOS 6.1.4, I've just noticed that my open e-mail messages are missing the back-arrow icon to tap for forwarding or the little document icon to create a new e-mail message, as well as the folder and flag icons. I have them on my iPad2 mail app, but they don't show up on my iPhone e-mail.  In other words, I seem to have no way to send e-mail from my iPhone.  Anyone have any suggestions? 

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Re: Missing back-arrow, create-mail icons in e-mail message windows.

With help from Verizon Wireless support, I can answer my own question.  The tool icon bar that displays at the bottom of an open email message had indeed gone missing, probably the result of a recent automatic software update.  All I needed to do was a soft reset. I held down both the power button on the top right edge of the phone AND the home button, for about 5 seconds, or until the screen went black and the white Apple logo appeared.  In a few seconds, the phone restarted, and when I went back into my Mail app, the email tool bar was back where it belongs at the bottom of the email message window.  Thanks to Josh at Verizon Wireless support!