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I'm the son of the account owners and we have the family shared plan of unlmited text and data, and 1400 minutes between our 4 family members. (Mom, dad, sister, and me) We all have the ability to upgrade so that's not a problem. Only I was planning on pre-ordering the iphone 5 and I had a couple of questions.

1) I have unlimited shared data with my family and it asked me to change plans upon pre-ordering the iPhone 5. I've read online that you can pay full price and keep your unlimited data, but I was just wondering how exactly would you do that? When you pay full price does it ship as an unactivated phone?

2) I've heard you can open a new line just for an iPhone to get the unlimited data and keep plan. So is there a fee for opening a new line and how much would that be? Plus could I just cancel my old line if I open a new one to keep plan?

3) How does pre-ordering work with apple.com? I was lucky enough to get a reservation last night to have a first lot iPhone, but could I do all that I can from verizon.com on apple.com when pre-ordering? If it is different, how so?

4) Lastly, if there is no ways for working around the creating a new plan, would the, lets say, 10 GB plan only be for my phone since I'm getting it only for me, or would it be for my entire family? I saw that it said like $80.00 for 10 GB plan per month, would it be like 80 shared or 80 per person?

Thank you for looking over this. I just want to get the new phone as fast as possible and my mom is skeptical about changing plans/costs so I would like to know all the information before hand to get help work things out and get a new phone.

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Re: Iphone 5 Unlimited Data Integration


as for

#1 : it will shipped as an unactivated phone. You will  need to IMEI and serial number to replace your current phone with this phone.

#2: You cannot do that... all new plans will be the stupid share plans

#3: ordering from apple is different process than ordering from Verizon. They work of different lots of iphones. For eg : Apple stock for preorders for Sep 21 delivery ran out after the first hour. Verizon's took much longer to exhaust its pre-order supply.

#4: if you chnage the plan you will either be getting a new individual plan or it will replace you entire family with that plan and they will be bound to it for another 2 years.

Hope that helps