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Help- can't turn phone on or off!

While trying to take a picture with my 2 day old iphone 5, my screen froze and now the apple icon keeps flashing on the screen every 5-10 seconds and I can't turn it on or off. What is going on?

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Re: Help- can't turn phone on or off!

Top of the Iphone there is a button

push and hold the button.

then there will be a red arrow and side to the right then the phone will turn off

to turn the phone on push the button and hold and intill you see a  apple the let go

then white arrow and side it the phone the phone will turn on.

reboot start is push that top button and the home button a the bottom at the same time and hold.intill the white apple come on the screem.

then turn phone the phone on.

hope this help