what happened to my network connection?


As of today, I cannot make or receive calls. I cannot check my email or browse in safari.  When I attempted to call *611 from my phone for service, I got a recorded message that they could not complete my call, and that I should hang up and call customer "service" at *611.     for what am I paying too much every month???

I attempted to try the online chat, but all the support staff was busy with other customers (too many other customer complaints???)

I was able to get a hold of my father (on the same acct) via my work phone. He is not having any problems.

I already paid my bill, and I refuse to pay for a day in which I have NO service. At least the timer and alarms still work, but I don't need an expen$ive phone bill with an ordinary timer or watch.

Fortunately, my contract is over soon, and I will be set free.

thanks in advance.

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Re: what happened to my network connection?

Community Manager
Community Manager


I am so sorry about the issues you are having with your service on your device. We definitely do not want to lose you and want to make sure we get this issue resolved. Are you still having issues with your device? What zipcode are you in?


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