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push alerts on facebook and instagram aren't working?


I noticed yesterday that whenever I get a notification on facebook or instagram, the banner pops up on my screen but my phone doesn't vibrate or make my alert tone. The sound works when I get a phone call, text message or email. Just the push notifications on my other apps.

I did a hard restart. I reset all sound settings. I plugged it into my Itunes to make sure all my software was up to date. I made sure all the settings/sounds/etc are on. But it just doesn't vibrate or make sound when I get those notifications.

Is this a device issue or a service issue? I know one of my other friends noticed this on her phone this past week and she also has verizon.

It's not that LARGE of an issue, but I really do like knowing when I get notifications.

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Re: push alerts on facebook and instagram aren't working?


Push notification settings for Facebook and Instagram are actually located within the app as well. If you have them turned on on your phone Log into your facebook and instagram accounts, go to settings, and then the notifications. Turn them on there.

Hope this helps