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Update phone #


My son was getting a ton of spammy calls and texts, so we changed his number online. Now his phone won't work at all, no incoming or outgoing activity at all for either numbers. I tried going into settings > phone > my number to update it and it wouldn't allow me to type over it. The old number is displayed at the top of the phone book too where it says "my number." I don't know what else to do and am hoping not to have to go into a VZW store. Thanks in advance if you know the answer to this! 🙂

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Re: Update phone #


If you have an iPhone 4, did you activate it again by dialing *228, option 1?

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Re: Update phone #

Customer Support

You've come to the right place for help DVANBIBB. I know how important it is to get your son's phone working again. I apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused.

Lets get to the bottom of this. Did you activate the phone with the new number after you changed it online? We can take a closer look at the account to make sure the number change went through correctly, and activate the phone. Please reply to the Direct Message I just sent you so we can access the account and further assist.

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