Phone randomly shuts down


- The biggest problem is it shuts off at random times after it passes 50 percent battery life. The phone says it's dead -- even though it's not -- and refuses to turn back on until it's plugged in.

- Also, when the phone is plugged in to charge, it will jump from a random percentage to fully charged in the span of a few minutes. When I take it off the charger, it jumps back down to however charged it actually is, but sometimes this takes awhile because it will sit at 100% for quite some time before jumping down to 75% instantaneously.

Bottom line: I'm never entirely sure the phone is fully charged even though the phone says it is, and I'm never entirely sure the battery indicator is accurate.

- With the above problems, I'm only getting an average battery life of 5-6 hours with things like bluetooth, GPS and other unnecessary services turned off.

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Re: Phone randomly shuts down

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If under a year old I would take it to a Apple Store near you and have them look at it.

If under that one year warranty Verizon will swap it out with a refurbished device.

Good Luck