No 3G After iOS7 Upgrade



My iPhone 4s was working perfectly, no problems. Then I upgraded to iOS7. Since then it's been a nightmare.
If I am not connected to a WiFi network (even thought he 3G symbol is on my screen) I cannot use apps, cannot access my email nor can I browse with Safari. I just get "not connected to the internet" messages, even though I clearly am on three 3G.

After reading forums I have tried the following:

--Toggling the Settings > Cellular Data on and off

--Toggling Airplane Mode on and off
--Resetting Network Settings

--Regular Reset

--Hard Reset
--Full Factory restore of phone.

--*228 Programming Update
--Enabling/Disabling Data & Voice Roaming

Alas, nothing has worked. And I know it's a Verizon 3G connectivity issue, because when I am on WiFi, everything works fine.

Any thoughts?

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