ID & Password to Apple Apps


     My wife has an iPhone 4 and seems to have forgotten her ID and password to be able to access the Apple App store for downloading Apps to the phone. How can she recover all of that, or determine if she has even set that up?  I should mention that she does know her iCloud e mail password etc. We just cannot download any new apps because she cannot remember id's and passwords.


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Re: ID & Password to Apple Apps

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When you get the message about your id is there an email address or says apple id? If so that means you have one. Then you use that Id when you find iforgot.

Usually when you go down to the bottom after clicking into the store it would show that you were signed into the AppStore if you click the Id name you can go to iforgot that way. If there's nothing that would mean either you didn't have one or you logout and I think you can click it to get to iforgot.