Extended Network in Mohave County, AZ?

I recently went to go to Peach Springs, AZ (near Kingman,AZ) and noticed we were all on extended after we crossed the border from Nevada to Arizona. As soon as we crossed the new hoover dam bridge all of our phones stopped streaming and we couldnt upload or check facebook. I even treid the speedtest and that was useless because my phone kept saying couldnt activate celluar network. BTW we have 4 Droids and 1 iphone. My iPhone was the only eventually to get some data. But it crawled at like 0.01 mbps. No wifi around, omg that was horrible. Only calls and text and even the texts were delayed. Then as that wasnt bad enough, we went to laughlin,Nv for Fourth of july I thought i would get some service because there is 3g on the NV side but where we sat next to the river we picked up Extended even though in NV only in the casino did it switch to Verizon lol. I saw that there is a data roaming option on my phone but was too scared to change it. Is there anything I can do to fix this or I am stuck on extended 1x every time i go visit? There is Verizon all around the area EXCEPT mohave county. wth? sigh except at y house. T.T

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