Downgrading from iOS 7


Yesterday, I updated a iPhone 4 -GB to the official iOS 7, however the user now cannot see the new phone dialer very well. This is due to indvidiual numbers of keypad of the dialer decreased in size and due to the background being a bright white. Is there a possible way to downgrade from iOS 7 back to the last version of iOS on the iPhone 4(iOS 6.1.3)?

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Re: Downgrading from iOS 7

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there VZWLGAPL,

I'm sorry to learn that the updates to the dial pad have caused some concern. Unfortunately there isn't a way to downgrade to the previous software version. There is a new way to change the font size by visiting Settings > General > Text Size though this won't affect the dial pad.

I do hope the user is able to adjust to the enhancement! If you have any other questions, please let us know.


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