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I have read the other posts about calls going straight to Voice mail and I am having the same issue. My bluetooth is not on.

It has happened twice and each time I've had to call Verizon. There's no indication on the phone that this is happening: I've got cell phone bars, I can get on Facebook, etc., but when people call the phone doesn't ring on my or their end and goes right to VM. The Voice mail alert doesn't come in and text messages don't come in either. The only way I'll know is when someone tells me or if I call my cell from another phone.

The second time it happened. I called Verizon and tech support said that my phone wasn't registering on the network, so it thinks the phone is shut off, even though my phone wasn't powered off. I had to go through the steps of dialing *228 and re-registering it on the network and finally all of my texts messages that I missed came in and they called me on my cell and it was working again.

If it happens again, then I have to call Verizon back and do a factory reset.

To those that are experiencing this, I'm wondering if it's because I let the phone's battery discharge completely, so that it shuts itself off, before I recharge it. Maybe that could be doing it?

If you have solved the problem please let me know how you did it?

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Re: Calls Going Straight To Voicemail

Verizon Employee

Hello sox575,

In a situation as unique as this, it is best that we ensure that your profile, account, and equipment are in sync for voice and data services. May I ask when was the last time that you remember calls going straight to voice mail. If you can provide me a date and time then that would be great! Also, does this issue occur when a specific number attempts to call you or is it a variety of numbers? If you would like for me to further investigate this issue then feel free to send me a direct message with your full name, mobile number, and a brief description of the issue. You can also include the answers to the questions above then that would be great! It would be my pleasure to ensure that your services are provisioned properly.

Thank you...


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Re: Calls Going Straight To Voicemail


Hi ArnettH,

I think I talk to you once before about global phones. Smiley Happy

How do I send you a direct message?

Anyway, the last time it did this (that I knew and caught it) was on Saturday 01/07/12 and I tested it around 11:15 pm. So I called and spoke to tech support and they had me go through a series of steps and that corrected the problem. The tech rep told me that initially my phone was registering as being powered off, on the network, and after going through the steps of dialing *228 it registered as being on.

So far it hasn't done that again and I've been calling myself periodically from a land line phone to check. I have a feeling that maybe it has something to do with allowing the battery to completely discharge so that the phone powers off by itself. I haven't done that at all since that past Saturday, recharging the phone when it comes down to 10-20% and so far I've had no problems.

The 1st time this happened, I believe was a little  before the 01/07/12 incident and I called tech support on 01/03/12 -- I remember this because I missed a call from a friend on New Year's Day and on the morning of 01/03/12 my boss called and it went straight to VM, but I had no idea he called until I came into work and then I tested my phone and it didn't ring and went to VM, which led me to call tech support. That agent had me run through the test and it went back to working again, and then I let the battery drain either on Wed or Thurs (Jan 4th or 5th) and recharged it. Of course that's when I discovered it was doing the same thing on Saturday  the 7th.

Strange isn't it? I