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windows phone

wondering why Verizon wont allow lumia 950 on there network? why not try and get the hp elitex3. everytime I go to a Verizon store they ALL try and talk me into android or apple. sorry the smoothness is so much better. the connectivity between phone and computer is amazing. whatever I do on my phone my wife can see at home on computer within minutes. cant do that with android or apple. I find android laggy as hell and cant keep up when I text. im always waiting for it to catch up to make sure I didn't misspell. im not a big apps guy but more of a techie. apple will never do it for me. android if they didn't have all those usless apps. i.e. amazon crap. I probably wouldn't hesitate as much. but lost my icon(it was an amazing phone) bought a lumia 928. its nice but no icon. not sure how much longer I can wait or willing to wait for a new windows phone. but what new android would be similar to the icon features? Qi wireless charging, 20mp camera, 4mics for recording, great low light pics and video.

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Re: windows phone
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Super User

Those aren't allowed on the Verizon Wireless network because the manufacturers didn't make them compatible with the Verizon Wireless network by not including the radio hardware and frequencies necessary for the network. If the manufacturers included the frequencies, there is nothing that Verizon could do to stop customers from using the phones.

Could you have purchased a second hand Lumia Icon from a third party retailer like Swappa or eBay?

Microsoft has their applications available for Android or iOS devices that will still sync with the Windows environment.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: windows phone
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Super User

Add Alcatel to the list of Windows Mobile device manufacturers that has decided to avoid releasing something on Verizon Wireless, Sprint and US Cellular.

It is known that Verizon Wireless is upgrading it's network and is expecting to be ramping up traffic on it by 2019.

Until then, I'm holding out almost no hope for new Windows Mobile phones before then...including the expected Surface Phone.

Manufacturers simply don't want to pay the high CDMA certification and licensing fees to put phones that do not sell very well, onto a network that is undergoing a major overhaul.

Once VZW's new network is up & running in earnest, we might see something...assuming that Windows Mobile hasn't imploded by then.