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Will Verizon get new Microsoft Windows Phone Flagships or not? Need a real answer...

We need a real answer.  My personal accounts have been on hold, running month to month waiting for the new devices from Microsoft.

We were shocked to hear that Verizon may not offer the new Microsoft Phones coming out in Sept/Oct 2015.

If this is true, we need know so we can make arrangements to move our accounts to ATT and also start planning a migration for our customers that are still on Verizon.

(And I hope it is not true, as I love Verizon's coverage.)

In addition to my personal and company accounts, we have over 4,000 active clients on Verizon that are awaiting the new Microsoft Windows 10 Phones, and if Verizon will not offer the new handsets, we will also have to help them migrate to ATT.

I have been a Verizon customer with personal and business accounts since 2001.  I still have a few of the first 3G PCMCIA cards offered by any carrier, as Verizon offered 3G very early in the San Diego Area.

I have been happy with Verizon, and love the coverage. However, the quality and security of Phone is now more important than the service.

We like many users cannot afford to have security concerns or crashing devices, and iOS/Android simply will not meet our needs. 

In all the rhetoric about Windows Phones 'versus', this is what is important to users like myself: Windows Phones...

  • are virtually crash free,
  • have never had a security issue,
  • never had any malware,
  • run faster than iOS and Android,
  • are extremely highly rated in customer satisfaction (even here on Verizon's Site),
  • work better in business/enterprise,
  • with the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile leaps the features offered by iOS and Android.
  • and Windows 10 Mobile is even adding the ability to run Android Apps, but with security & stability not offered by Android.

If there is an official place as a customer to voice my concerns and have our clients voice their concerns requesting Microsoft Windows Phones, please let us know where to go and who to contact.


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Re: Will Verizon get new Microsoft Windows Phone Flagships or not? Need a real answer...

I would say contact your Verizon Wireless account rep and voice your concerns with that person.  You'll never get a confirmation here on the community.  If it's not in an official press release no statement can be made here about the state of Windows Phones.

Re: Will Verizon get new Microsoft Windows Phone Flagships or not? Need a real answer...
Super User
Super User

If what Paul Thurrott has reported is correct, Microsoft will be parting ways with Verizon Wireless. It is undeniably true that Windows phones make up a very small percentage of sales and Verizon Wireless has a reputation for not being overly supportive of the platform.

Specs for Microsoft's pending phones indicate that they will be equipped with GSM radios which means they will not work on Verizon Wireless's CDMA network.

Re: Will Verizon get new Microsoft Windows Phone Flagships or not? Need a real answer...

For what I do the WP is a far superior device. I hope I don't have to downgrade to a 735, even worse a Droid thing. The iPhone is a toy and not good for business. I hope VZW and MS are listening. after many years and trials with other carriers switching is not a good option for me. What good is having the phone I like and no service?  Maybe we should just go to a WiFi hub and use Skype with my Surface. Do we really need cell phones and all the drama?