WP7 Industry Advice: What's the best Windows Phone from CES 2012?


In short, the CNET Reporter in the article linked below suggests that if you want to see the best Windows Phones from CES that you should go to AT&T and check out the new 4G HTC or Nokia devices.  Interesting that she is providing advice to a Verizon Customer in this article and essentially says to leave Verizon if there is good AT&T coverage in the area.  This reporter also references conversations with Verizon Executives who - as she quotes: "Aren't chomping at the bit to carry any Windows Phones."

Another issue that this article brings to light is the fact that the Verizon Customer being addressed is an UPGRADE customer.  So, not only does VZW have little to offer the WP7 enthusiasts fresh off the street, but they will also fail to impress and retain upgrade customers who are tired of their Droid and are are not interested in an iPhone (that is no more 4G than the HTC Trophy).


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