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I just purchased the Windows phone, and I noticed I cannot download the Verizon Tones app on my phone. It doesn't even come up as an option when I search for it. I want to download/use a ringtone and ringback tone, but I cannot figure out how to do it with this new phone if I do not have the app.

I went into my Verizon online account as well and did the manage tones option there, but it hasn't updated my phone.

So is it the phone that's the problem, or is the Windows phone not one that supports this function?

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Re: Verizon tones app - Windows phone

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It's uncertain if the Windows Mobile can support the Verizon Tones app or that Verizon decided it wasn't worth the effort to develop one.

You can control the ringtone for individual contacts via the Peoples app and you can download the Ringtone Maker ( to select your music to be used as ringtones.

Not sure how the ring back tones work if at all on Windows Mobile.


Re: Verizon tones app - Windows phone


Since the ringback tones are managed through the MyVerizon account online, I would suspect the ringback tones are handled through the Verizon Wireless network itself and not on the phone too.

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