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Verizon mades changes in the coding and now Windows Phone 7 is having data issues!!!

Starting about 3 weeks ago, I stopped receiving text messages and even worse stopped receiving calls yet alone my voicemails.  I have changed not one thing to my phone, everything is exactly the way it was before the issues arised.  Now I have to trick my phone to receive my data by dialing into my voicemail...  And then what do you know, 30 text mesages, 12 voicemails!!!

The voicemails wont even tell you the date or time stamp (the time the voicemail was received).  After numerous *228 and talking with level 2 over the holidays, I see a huge article on multiple news sites stating Verizon is having data issues...  Dropped calls, loss of data, no signal while all our phone keep showing full bars and 3g.  Verizon stated its only happening on there 4gLTE system and not 3G but thats a load of crap.

All one has to do is a google search of loss of text messages or voicemails on Verizon and you will see 100's up to 1000's of users like you and me all experiencing the same issues.  And not just with Windows Phone 7, but with there baby Driod and iPhone as well.

What really ****** me off is that Verizon loves to play the blame game or pass the buck game.  Hard Reset your phone and that will solve the problem...  Yeah Right.  If this was our OS and we updated a driver that changed the OS in the background I can see that being the solution.  But for the 100's or 1000's of users that go to work daily, check there emails and text daily, and haven't changed one thing on the phone... THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Now I read an articile for someone extermely close to Microsoft stating that Verizon turned down Nokia's new 4GLTE phone because they have no faith in the operating system and I have to think that maybe behind the scenes Verizon is trying to force us off Windows Phone 7 platform with data issue behind the scene and try to get us all into the Droid Platform which they make 50% of the cash off the phone just like the iPhone...

This is a joke, and I am really starting to think about going to ATT and getting the HTC Titan or the new Nokia 900.  I have already research a 3 party app that will allow you to backup and restore your phone.  And just read that Microsoft just put out an ad for backup, restore and cloud backup programmers for this latest feature.

Verizon the games need to stop, Verizon you need to stand behind this Platform, Verizon you need to provide better service for all us 3G users!!!


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