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Trophy Problems and unreliable Tech Support

I have two Verizon Trophy phones that don't work sitting on the counter waiting to be returned. Verizon offered me another Trophy.  Zune technical support didn't think much of the Trophy.  The local Verizon store two sales specialists told me they tried them and "wouldn't work for what we do".

2 hours on phone with Tech Support last night and after confirming the hardware/software glitches on the replacement phone were verified at the local Verizon store I was offered a replacement phone of other than an HTC Trophy. 

V - Gee sir, you have had enough problems with that phone.  How about a Droid. 

Um, OK I guess.

V - Then in March you can use your upgrade to get a model you want without a lot of cost.

Very good, thank you.

V - We are placing the order now it should reach you on Monday or Tuesday.

So today the 2nd replacement phone (3rd in less than 3 months) shows up and **** TA DUM *** it's a Trophy by HTC.  Call Verizon and ask WTH you said another phone.  An hour of hearing the policy read to me and each of us repeating what we were each saying (calmly) for another hour we get a solution.

Activate the new Trophy - Not.  Perhaps just let the contract fade and oh by the way wife is the contract administrator for the cellular phones at the local community college (true). 

V - Ah, sir? I just got permission to switch you to another phone early - not an i-phone or Galaxy but a basic phone or perhaps and older droid. 

OK what about transfering data? 

V - Uh, sir, did you set up back-up assistant? 

Huh? It's a windows phone there is no media icon or get it now button.  I have to use Outlook or Palm software to do that. 

V - Sir - you should have used backup assistant.

So now what?

V-  We can send you a Razr M and extend your committment for two years and then you pay $250.00 and some other fees.

And the data?

V - You should have used backup assistant.

Thank you for reading me the policies on warranty replacements, I think I can recite them in my sleep now.  Thank you for advising me that after you replaced my standard phone with an HTC Ozone, then two HTC Trophy's that my data was at risk because I didn't use Palm software to sync your obsolete phone to my computer.

V - Is there anything else I can do for you?

Nope, I think you have done enough for tonight.

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Re: Trophy Problems and unreliable Tech Support

Ouch!  I'm sorry to hear all this.  I have a trophy and have enjoyed it immensly.  The windows software has been flawless for me and overall a good experience.  I really don't want to go to a droid phone because I plan on getting windows based tablets for the family and employee's soon but won't be doing much more purchasing through Verizon I dont think.  I need to start looking at places I can get windows phones without the added nonsense verizon seems to have going on.