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Re: The FCC and your 8.1 Cyan Update
Sr. Member

This is a BSOD in technical terms


Let me know when you run across one for Windows Phone.

Happy hunting....

Re: The FCC and your 8.1 Cyan Update
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I am well aware what a BSOD looks like. Remember I own Windows machines ha ha

However it makes no difference what it looks like in relation to what others have posted.

A blue screen with a smiley face or a picture of the windows logo or a black screen showing nothing.

It is still a screen of death and it means there is an issue.

Don't feel to bad though, I also found out a few Apple devices have shown the equivalent.

Re: The FCC and your 8.1 Cyan Update
Sr. Leader

Blue screen iTunes logo

Purple screen iTunes logo

Black screen iTunes logo.

Each one represents a different problem.