Shutting Down and Freezing


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Yes, I have been having this problem with a three-month old Nokia Lumia 822.

About a month ago, my original phone began to freeze, which I resolved by turning it off then on again.  Then, it shut itself off a few times.

Then, about two weeks ago, it shut itself off and wouldn't start up at all.  I called for live help.  A technician walked me through various tests until she determined that the phone was defective.  She then helped me reactivate an older cell phone I still had and I used that for a week while a replacement phone was sent to me.

When the replacement phone arrived, I invested 3 hours with technicians on my home telephone helping me get the new phone up and operable.  Before that day was out, the new phone shut itself off and wouldn't restart.

I called Verizon again and while running through more tests with another technician, the phone came on again.  However, I asked if the battery might be the problem and he agreed to send a replacement.  While waiting for the replacement, the phone died again and wouldn't come back on.  I called and another technician offered to overnight me a battery, since he researched the first battery replacement and saw that it had been sent by ground and wasn't scheduled to arrive for another few days.  This technician guided me through a few more steps and we got the replacement phone with original battery to start up again.

The second battery arrived the following morning, which was yesterday.  When I put it into the phone to check its charge, I saw that it was over half-charged, so I kept it in the phone and went off to an appointment.  Before the day was out, the phone died again.  I took the battery out and put in the old battery, and the phone came back on.  I took out the old battery and put in the new battery, and the phone came back on, too.

Now, today, the phone has died twice.  This time, I just took out the battery and put it back in and the phone starts up.

NEVERTHELESS, this removing and reinstalling the battery should not be a required operation multiple times per day.

So, please, Verizon Technicians, Please let us know how to remedy this issue permanently.  Thank you.

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Re: Shutting Down and Freezing


"this removing and reinstalling the battery should not be a required operation multiple times per day" - I completely agree.

I got my Lumina 822 in December.  It was working perfectly, outside of the "other storage" filling up rather quickly.  Until about 2 weeks ago, it froze, and when I took the battery out and put it back in, it said, "unable to find a bootable option."  I have a replacement now, sent the old one back (Verizon must not have even gotten the old one yet because I got a reminder message today to return it).  Now this "like-new" replacement is freezing multiple times a day.  Sometimes it works for hours, but other times, it freezes multiple times within an hour.  It even freezes overnight, and so my alarm doesn't go off in the morning.  I just got everything re set-up, so I'm not really looking forward to calling Verizon for another replacement, but I think I might just need to do so.