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Nokia Lumia 928 using data like crazy!

I have never had an issue with my data usage before but for some reason this month it seems to be just eating it up, even when im not using my phone. I am connected to wifi while at home and it still seems to be using my data plan.

At work i am not connected and dont use my phone untill lunch time and last week i seen a txt saying i was already at 75% even without using my phone all morning.

I have not downloaded any new apps and the only recent update was for adobe reader. Does any one no of this issue and how i can fix it?

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Re: Nokia Lumia 928 using data like crazy!

You can use Data Sense to see what's going on and to limit background data usage:

Use Data Sense to manage data usage on Windows Phone | Windows Phone How-to (United States)

If you recently installed the 8.1 Preview for Developers, many folks (including me) report increased data usage for the first week or so, then a normalization after that. It may be due to Cortana acclimating itself to your personal patterns. I recommend a backup and restore after installing such an update, and you can do a restore any time your phone is displaying wonky behavior. It sorts out a lot of issues.

Re: Nokia Lumia 928 using data like crazy!

That does not sound good. Please update this post with what you came up with for a fix. Did you upgrade to 8.1? I'm waiting for the pros to figure things out and then get the 8.1 update over the air (unless I get a new phone, windows is starting to drag right now). It's always pretty easy just to block background apps as well. ->

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