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Lag Issues

Recently, I've been noticing some lag issues on my HTC 8X. I will be doing something, nothing specific, and it will stop completely, and I'll have to wait a few seconds for the device to respond again. I've noticed similar lagging while typing on the keyboard for while, but recently it's gotten to the point where everything stutters and I'd rather start up the computer to check Facebook.

Considering the processor speed and RAM of this device, this shouldn't be happening. Also, Windows Phone OS is meant to be an extremely fluid and flawless experience, but my device is not reflecting that.

I've done research, and it appears that I'm not the only one experiencing this issue, and others have tried factory resets and even replacements, but still get the same issue. Also, this seems to be an issue with only the Verizon version of the 8X, and other carriers/international versions aren't having problems. So it would appear that the only fix possible is an update from Verizon/HTC to directly solve the problem.

So my question is: when will we get a fix for this problem? It's becoming very annoying, because the fluidity that I bought the phone for is gone. Considering I paid $550 for the device, I don't believe I should be having this problem.

Thanks for any responses. I still think Verizon is the best carrier available, but this issue is getting a bit frustrating.

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Re: Lag Issues

I have had the exact same issues as you have had. I have also had a "data service bar" and random reboots.  I have reported these issues to a fantastic customer service representative, and they will look into the issues I have listed, especially the lag one. You can also submit your issues to a customer service representative via chat or the phone; the more Verizon is aware of these issues, the more likely they will try to make our experience better! Hopefully these issues will be solved in the near future!