Re: Is Verizon killing Microsoft or forcing loyal customers to spend more money?

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I am not trying to hurt your feelings. I am only giving an alternate opinion.

I have many windows machines. Desktop, laptops and I also have a iMAC  and again I don't care about updates.

If you can count every time there is yet another Microsoft update I would not want that same "patch" work constantly done to my windows phone and that is a frightening possibility with any os made by Microsoft.

I don't mind the first MS DOS (that means disk operating system), then Windows 3.1 then Windows 95, 98, ME, Vista, Windows 7 and then Windows 8. (Thirty days later it went to Windows 8.1) and I have spent loads of cash on these products and the devices that are rendered useless with many of these so called Microsoft updates etc.

You see I don't blindly accept that its just another huge money grab on Microsoft's part.

Now touching on your update, wow you finally received it. Who is to say it would have not been released before Christmas without all the complaints and threats? And because these windows phone owners complained and threatened Verizon that it was the carriers fault for the delay it has been proven it went back to Microsoft for not being up to Verizon's standards. But a few then say it was because of Verizon's Bloatware Apps but be honest no such news release from either party said that was correct. But it has to be the bad carrier.

And in you post to me, read back I responded to a post you made directly towards me. Not the other way around.

And quite frankly this is all moot now. You have your update.

But go on this forum and notice the two posts from this morning complaining about a camera and tiles not showing etc. Like I said its the same with Android users yelling for updates and then after getting them the complaints start rolling in.

And my platform is not without sin, Verizon did nothing to give iOS updates but after Apple pushes them out the multiple complaint posts all start. Like I stated it is a vicious cycle.

I do advocate the Apple method of updating for all devices and just leave out the carrier from holding it up or not giving it. Even if you have to login to the device makers website.

So you really have no basis to form any opinion on me.

And Merry Christmas to you as well.


Re: Is Verizon killing Microsoft or forcing loyal customers to spend more money?


I agree with you. I have a Samsung ATIV SE which I love but when is 8.1 coming? I don't get it. The latest new is being released soon. Since Verizon announced 8.1 for the Nokia phones in early 2015 i have to assume the release for the ATIV SE will be after that. Come on already.....if i would have known I had to wait this long I would have went to ATT also. Yes Verzion has better coverage but from what I can tell from ATT users in my area the coverage is just as good.