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Re: Here are the 950 / 950 XL Networks

I think there is one other reason why Microsoft and Verizon can't get together on the new Lumias:  Verizon has a horrible record of testing and pushing Windows Phone updates, so users are left with older versions.  Just see how Verizon treated its exclusive Lumia Icon.  Microsoft wants to bypass cellular companies to push updates directly, like Apple does.  Since Apple has such a large market share, they can dictate to Verizon on this point.  Microsoft can't even though Microsoft itself is huge.  I'm waiting for Samsung to also tell the cellular companies they will also bypass the incredibly slow upgrade process.  Maybe at that point users of all operating systems will be able to get operating system upgrades in a timely manner.

For my HTC Win Phone I chose the Windows Developer route to upgrade my phone since Verizon was taking forever.  I had no problems and ran for months on Win Phone 8.1, with frequent updates, before Verizon finally got around to releasing it.

Verizon continues on CDMA and won't move to the newer generation GSM options since it would rather use its resources to build out its 4G network.  I get that.  Coupled with the fact Verizon doesn't want to allow Microsoft to push updates directly to its phones, this means no Lumia 950 on Verizon.  This means I'm moving to AT&T with an unlocked Lumia 950.

Re: Here are the 950 / 950 XL Networks
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Apple DOES NOT bypass carrier testing. Carriers are enrolled into ADC and must use it as per agreement. If they want to do testing. It's actually better and faster to get approval this way.

Re: Here are the 950 / 950 XL Networks

Latest news Verizon gets blamed.

This is actually what my tech friend said at Verizon, basically the reality is; regardless of block C regulations, if Verizon does not have the MEID (means they don’t support the phone, his words) in their system,  it is not going to work right. Even getting it activated with a current SIM. He said his opinion based on what he has seen and heard in his own store VZW and Microsoft have issues.