Re: Help bring Windows Phone 7 Smartphones to Verizon Wireless!


Precisely! They've SAID it... now, @Verizon please DO it! http://mashable.com/2012/04/20/verizon-backing-windows-phone/

Umm, when is this going to happen? Our Verizon stores don’t even have a Windows Phone in their showroom! (That’s what Best Buy is for, right?)  I love my Trophy, WP7… but please, please, @Verizon, get with the program already & start showing off this great OS! To the comment “only account for about 3.6% of all smart phones. And the number is declining” I’d argue that people are too confused by the 5 kiosks full of random versions of Android in Verizon’s stores to have to ASK about Windows Phones they can’t see/touch/try… That needs to change.