why is my service so messed up


For 2 days now i have been out of service,  my bill is paid and i drive 50 miles to work so it isnt my area.  I am extremely fed up with this now.  I am expecting work related phone calls and i have no way to get them now.  If i miss them then i am screwed out of job opportunities and so far the customer service options have been hopeless and completely useless.  There is no email to use which is just the dumbest thing on earth considering I CANT MAKE A GOD DAMN CALL to get ahold of customer service.  If this isnt resolved today then i am just going to have to switch carriers and at this point i dont even feel bad about it anymore.

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Re: why is my service so messed up

Customer Support

We never want our customers to leave for service issues aaron542. I want to ensure you we will find out what is going on. What is your zip? Anyone else impacted? Outside of calls are there any other services not working?
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