why are local numbers coming up international instead


My daughter is having issues with making calls.  She tried to call someone yesterday that is local but came up you do not have international calling.  She tried again this morning, the same number came up the persons name, but number in Brazil.  Is this problem her phone, (iPhone 7) or Verizon?

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: why are local numbers coming up international instead

Community Manager
Community Manager

Damom111, I would be just as concerned with not being able to call out to local numbers as well. We are here to help assist with your daughter's phone. This issue likely stems from a phone setting, which is causing the device to not configure the number correctly. However, let's ensure we look at this from a few angles.


Does this only happen with one contact or all numbers that she dials. If she deletes that contact, and then adds them as a new contact does the same issue occur?


Just in case, have her look into Settings > Phone > Dial Assist > Is this setting set to ON or OFF?



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