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solon dead zone
I am a new customer switching over from unicel, was told my phone would work in solon,me and it did till 3-20-09 it has not worked since. Long story short I finally found out they are working on towers in this area and no one can seem to know the progress of the people doing the work. We live buy these phones in this day and age and should be able to get some idea how long our service will be out so that we can plane around it. My 30 days will be up soon and I want to cancel if my coverage is not satisfactory but how do I know if they are working on tower
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Re: solon dead zone


I would be concerned as well, as far as progress of any work in my area. What I would do is inquire to VZW's tech support and request for the Remedy Ticket # for that work. If they can provide you this you can follow along with the progress by checking on that remedy ticket. I know VZW is always trying to quickly fix the issues, but it could be an issue that sounds like does not have an ETR(estimated time until repair) while they try to determine and resolve the root cause of the issue for the cell towers in that area.