so confused....

okay so i am the primary line and i cant seem to figure out how long i wait to upgrade to a new phone(the free ones).  I have heard that i need to wait 2 years. but i have also heard  1 year. can anyone clarify this for me?
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Re: so confused....

Normally there is a 1 year 8 months wait before upgrade is eligible. You can check on my verizon by going to upgrade to a new phone link from the overview page when you sign in to your account and it will tell you when you'll be eligible. Or you can always call in to customer service. 1-800-922-0204 or 611 from your cellphone.

Re: so confused.... [ Annual Upgrade Requirements ]

It may be possible to do what Verizon calls an annual upgrade.

The requirements for this are:

1> A monthly access fee of 49.99 or higher (for the last 3 months) on the line being upgraded.

2> No past-due on account

3> New 2 year contract

4> It must be at least 12 months since your last discount. 

5> ? Enrolled in MyVerizon ? I think this is required.


This is a $20 (I think) fee to do an annual upgrade, and it resets your New Every Two date to another 20 months.