"cash only" status customer?

Why is it that, if I am late for paying my bill on time (for whatever personal reason), Verizon CHARGES a LATE FEE not matter what.

I do understand, I agree, I am cool and I take my punishment in the next bill. I know, I am being punished for being irresponsible .

However, I believe the LATE FEE is the compensation for the extraordinary economic ordeal that VERIZON had to suffer because of my vicious behavior of money retention. Then, if there was already a compensation paid handsomely, WHY IS VERIZON LIMITING MY ONLINE ACTIVITIES?  I am not able to get any services online, if I want to pay my bill , I have to go to the store or call and pay with my debit card. Why is this double dipping on punishment?  I believe , it is illegal and I will file a complaint and ask Verizon to point where in my contract it says that late fees + banned online activity is the norm for people who had some extraordinary circumstances (change banks, change jobs, lost a job, lost a relative, confused, changing plans, moving,,,.......)) and could not pay the bill on time. I am truly disappointed for this action

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Re: "cash only" status customer?


It's very time consuming and wasteful in my opinion to have to hunt down money that is owed, which is why there is a late fee. I have a small business and I can tell you that it's very time consuming to have to collect and where I bill by the hour, I don't bill for the added time of collecting, but I do change my payment policy with that one person. Typically I invoice, unless they can't pay me in a timely manner, then they have to pre-pay.


Re: "cash only" status customer?

Sr. Leader

Late is late.  Doesn't matter the reason.  You will be on a cash-only status until Verizon deems you fit and responsible enough to return to credit/debit status after you prove you are able to do so via prompt on-time payments for a predetermined time frame.