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Lately our Verizon service has been more and more UNRELIABLE in the Sweetwater and Madisonville areas. Dropped calls, calls that won't go through, calls not received, texts that won't go through, more 3g than 4 lte service. Our phones used to work inside our house, now we have to go outside to make calls. This has been going on for the past few months.

Hubby contacted Verizon over a month ago and Verizon was going to check out the service in our area and let him know. To date, Verizon has not advised him of the findings.

Last Sunday, not hearing from my 89 year old mother as I usually do every morning, I called her to check on her. She told me she tried calling me 2 times but she got a recording the Verizon customer you are trying to reach is unavailable. This has happened quite a few times lately.  Same with my son who is away at college - he tried calling me, but could not get the call to go through.

I called Verizon Wireless about these service issues. After getting passed to a supervisor in Minnesota, I finally got some honest answers:

1. Verizon is aware of MARGINAL service in the Sweetwater and Madisonvile areas.

2. The Verizon Wireless engineering department looked into the issue after hubby called the beginning of July.  While no one followed up on hubby's complaint, the representative acknowledged Verizon service in this area is "MARGINAL".

3. The Verizon representative told me  that at this time, Verizon has no future plans to resolve the issues of unreliable service and/or marginal service. Finally, an honest response!

4. We might be allowed out of our Verizon Wireless contract, but we have to turn in our phones (if in good condition) or buy our phones outright at MSRP, no matter how long we've owned them. (Verizon gets you coming and going!)

The only Verizon Wireless tower serving the Sweetwater area is at I-75 Exit 62.

When we moved here 14 years ago, Verizon was the only cellular carrier that would work at our farm. To this point we have been happy with Verizon. Now, not so much. Why pay a premium for a service that is sketchy at best these days?  Maybe if less money was spent on claiming to be the "MOST RELIABLE NETWORK" and instead spending it on adding towers or updating Verizon's equipment, we'd have "reliable" service!

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With Verizon Wireless working to build out its new 5G network, I don't know how much money the company is willing to spend on the existing 4G/CDMA which reports say will be closed off to new activations once the 5G network is fully operational and new phones are available for purchase.