"Future Delivery Requested"???


So I placed an order for an upgrade on one of my lines over the weekend with the sales going on.  I got a tracking number early the next morning, and then when I clicked it..I saw something puzzling:



9/01/2014 - Monday

9:37 amPicked upWEST CHESTER, PA

Future delivery requested

Future delivery requested?

So, just some info, I live about 50 miles away from West Chester, PA where the package was delivered to Fedex...which would by most accounts be a one day delivery no matter what service is selected. However, Fedex is telling me that I won't get the package until Thursday.  I wonder why is this?

Now, for one, I thought I remembered seeing something that all phone orders this past weekend would get free overnight delivery.  I'm curious why Free overnight was not offered to me (I could have selected this for $12.99...but I remembered reading it should be free)

Second...could someone from VZW explain...do you actually give a package to Fedex and tell them to hold it?  What logic is being applied to this decision? I mean, do you just say to Fedex: "Here's this package we're shipping 2nd day that's about an hour away from the terminal...but hang onto it for a few days...we don't want our customer getting their merchandise right away".

Seriously?  Someone please explain.  I just can't understand the logic to this at all...

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Its the coding on the label. If a sales rep selects 1 day the code on the tracking label when scanned is the service that was paid for by the sender. Like with UPS it starts as 1z?  The ? Can be a 1, 2 or 3 which will be overnight, 2nd. day or 3 day select etc.

Why it was chosen as it was is anyone's guess.

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No shipping on the holiday so 2 day shipping puts it to you Thurs since it didn't actually ship until yesterday. Overnight only in some markets. That's jargon used with a holiday or weekend order via FedEx I believe