poor customer service time to go to t-mobile


i am ready to leave verizon and go to t-mobile, t-mobile has offered me the same plan for 100.00 less. i went to the t-mobile store and the place was packed and 80% of the people in there were verizon customers switching over to t-mobile last august i called verizon to have them delete a checking account from my account and replace the agent never did that and then when icalled for them to charge my checking account to pay my bill naturally the check returned and due to their laziness they put me as a cash customer. since november i have been trying to get to broken phones replaced from verizon, one the samsung charge which this would make it the fourth time for the same issue and the i phone because it drops calls or when you call the phone it shuts down and have a hard time restarting it.  verizon told me that i have to handle the issues myself with the manufacturer even though i have insurance on the phones.  the tech support agent told me that the samsung because it was faulty could not be covered by the insurance because it is not damaged, lost or stolen, so i have to basically be dishonest throw the phone in the pool in order to get it replaced. the past five months in trying to get my account fully operational and only having 1/3 functionality on the account they were still charging me full bill.  i am very disappointed in verizon they are becoming worse than thte regional carriers

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