please help me understand


I had a device on Edge in November of 2014. I edged up and paid about $350 in April to get a new phone. In July we edged up again and everything was fine. Now I get a $352 charge on my August Bill under equipment charges with an edge agreement # from November and a $162 charge under the same section on my bill with the same account Edge Agreement #. However, since April of 2015, we have had a new Edge agreement # on out bill for that line. This came out of no where! It's like I paid over $1500 for 2 phones, one of which I returned! I've spent 2 hours in a verizon store and spent hours on the phone with them for a month and get different answers everytime! I even have chat transcripts where the rep said that it was a billing error and would be credited back, but it never was! Been with verizon for 5 years and never been so fustrated!!!!!!

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Re: please help me understand


did you ever get this resolved?