just wanted a simple upgrade....easy right????......


Day 1:

So it all started this past Tuesday around noon. I went on the VZW website to begin the process of upgrading my 2 smartphone lines to the promo offer on the galaxy s3. After several attempts on two different computers at two different locations, I was unable to complete the order online. This was due to the fact that every time I went to enter my payment information on the website I never had anywhere to go to complete the order. (out of my control and not my fault issue number 1). Next I drive to my local VZW store and they cannot and will not match the online price. (theirs was $50 more per line). After returning home I called customer service and they put me on hold for 2 hours just to talk to a telesales rep that had "technical issues" with his computer and never called me back. (out of my control and not my fault issue number 2)

Day 2:

After calling again and explaining my whole situation AGAIN to ANOTHER rep. I was able to talk to Rich who was able to get some sort of a ball rolling and attempt to make right a horrific downward spiral....After about an hour and a half with him and an associate named Jasmine I was told my order was processed and would ship immediately overnight pending I accepted terms to the agreement. I called the number I was told to call and accepted the terms as instructed. Despite never receiving a confirmation receipt or a tracking number for the order I was told on 3 separate occasions by 3 separate reps that the order did in fact ship.(out of my control not my fault issue number 3)

Day 3:

THE SHIPMENT NEVER SHIPPED!!! there was an issue processing my payment. A "Glitch in the system" I was told. (out of my control not my fault issue number 4) Patience is running low at this point. After another long round of hold with customer service I was given William's Direct number.....he didn't answer. Finally he calls, I am unable to take the call because I am at work. We make arrangements to talk at 12:30pm. So I call him then and he doesn't answer. After a few tries he answers and says he is helping another customer with a condescending tone and hangs up on me. I never heard from him again (out of my control not my fault issue number 5). once I got out of work I called customer service again, and got connected to Chitika who said that I could go to my local VZW store, order my phones and she would then credit my account appropriately so that the prices would be the same as my original offer from Rich.

I randomly get a call from Stephanie on behalf of Rich, saying she wanted to be on the phone with me at the store to ensure that the order goes through. I get to the store.....and they cant do anything for me because of the order that never shipped was pending. I was the told by Stephanie and Rich that there was no way possible to cancel the pending order and it was an "IT Issue" and that they were working the issue. ANOTHER "GLITCH"! (out of my control not my fault issue number 6) Finally I was told there was nothing they could do today and would have to wait until tomorrow.

Day 4:

Does it really take 4 days to process a phone upgrade with the nations best customer service according to JD Power and Associates? (I did hear that stat over and over on hold for 3+ days).......

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Re: just wanted a simple upgrade....easy right????......

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Few things come to mind:

Are you the account owner?

Is your account past due?

Are you attempting to use a credit card NOT in the name of the account owner?

Does the card have sufficient funds to cover the two devices and upgrade fees?

Are you using a card that may be new (Other expired) and you have not called to activate the new card?

My guess the issue is with the card. Since the shipment did not ship. Later in the day when they batched purchases to send for confirmation from the CC companies, yours had an issue

When calling, the reps will not have a clue if any of the above is occurring, just that the order wont go through. Plus if they feel you may be attempting a fraudulent purchase, they will not tell you that either.


Re: just wanted a simple upgrade....easy right????......

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Hi dmr8612,

I know your time is valuable and I apologize for the inconvenience! I can happily review your account details in an effort to identify what transpired. At your leisure, please DM your name and wireless number. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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