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it's the final count down.


When I think about the times I ever complained about AT&T's spotty service, it makes me want to go back in time and tell 2012 me that Anna Kenrick is going to sing a song and the line "you're gonna miss me when I'm gone" is going to haunt me as I remember the days when that spotty AT&T service was my only cell phone related dilemma.

Where do I start? I signed up for Verizon thinking wow, I can have service anywhere and I don't have to use a SIM card anymore. Neat! I foolishly believed my life was going to become easier.

Two days after I signed up for Verizon, I started receiving these weird calls. About 6 or 7 times, daily, I got all sorts of numbers calling me. I usually don't answer unknown numbers. But after 3 days, straight, of my phone ringing off the hook, I started answering these calls. About 4 billing agencies, 2 doctor's offices and a lawyer. All for the same woman. My favorite phone calls were the ones from an automated service that didn't ask me whether I was or was not this woman, it was simply just a machine that called to let me know they were trying to reach her. No contact number, no connecting customer service to say "hello, i am not _____." I called all these numbers back and told them I wasn't this woman, and I still received phone calls for her, daily, at least 3 times a day. Now, from what I've learned from friends who work for phone companies, there is a general rule that companies wait so long before releasing a phone number back into circulation, so things like this do not happen. It's kind of hard for me to believe there was any thing like that with this number because would these 6 places honestly be calling a disconnected number for an entire year (or however many years is policy for that company)? So I finally decided to call Verizon and ask what could be done because at this point I was being harassed by all of these daily phone calls. I was told the only way to fix this was to change my number. Annoying, but fine. So I agreed until I was informed that I would have to pay a $100 fee. I was taken aback and asked, "so, even though I have no control over the fact Verizon dispensed me a phone number that had obviously not been taken out of circulation long enough, and now i'm being harassed by all these calls daily, the only 'help' I can receive is by paying a fine and going through the annoying task that is getting a new phone number?" I angrily declined. I still receive phone calls for that woman to this day (one year later), although thankfully it is only about once a month now.

I'm a secondary line on my sister's account. I had no issues paying my half of the bill the first few months. Then something changed. It seems that every single month I have some type of issue with paying the bill. I use more or less the same usernames and passwords for most sites. And I have a notebook in my apartment with usernames and passwords. I write them down every time I make an account for anything. So why is it that one day when I try to log into my verizon account, my username isn't correct? Okay, please e-mail me my username verizon. I go back to the log in page, "correct" username, and now my password is wrong. Really? My password that I use for two other sites, that is written in my notebook, that I haven't changed since I made the account, isn't working? That's strange. E-mail me my password please, verizon. Wow, now somehow both my username AND password are incorrect! How crazy this world is. So I had to ask my sister if I could pay my half of the bill using her account (yes, on her account right now, because my password and username are both still somehow incorrect), which was working fine. But yes, you guessed it, only for about 3 months.

Like today I had a lot of fun trying to pay my half of the bill. I called, logged in through my sister's account since I can't log onto mine, and made the annoying quest through the automated service until I finally reached the payment options. I entered my debit card number, and waited. It repeated it back to me, but oops, I accidentally typed five 0's instead of four. So I re-entered it. Oh god, silly me, I did it again... Wow, a third time, Lindsey? You really need to work on your button punching skills. After the fourth time of it repeating back five 0's to me, I thought, "Hm, this obviously is a glitch. I'll just call back." So, my second annoying quest back to the payment options, two more times. TWO. MORE. TIMES. it repeated five 0's back to me. At this point, I angrily punched about thirty 0's into my phone to be connected to customer service.

I'm connected, and the woman informs me that I'm not on the account. Really? That's weird, considering I'm calling from my phone, which has an account, and I know all of the information for my AND my sister's account. She told me she had to call my sister in order for me to make a payment, even though I was trying to make the payment on my own personal verizon account (which I used to be able to do, even though I am the secondary line). So two minutes pass and the lady reconnects to me. She asks for a second time what I want to do. "Yes, I just would like to pay my half of the bill, but it will be on a separate debit card, not the one that is saved already." "Okay, let me connect you to the automated payment service." I can promise on my cat's grave that I have never lost my temper with any customer service, no matter how angry I have felt. But today was a day for change. I literally shouted "no" about ten times before telling her that I was calling BECAUSE the automated service wasn't working correctly (which I informed her of the instant I was connected). At this point the woman became obviously annoyed that I was angry and told me she would connect me to financial services. In which I was finally able to pay my bill.

That ^^^ is essentially what I deal with every single month. Every month it's like I have to fight to pay for a bill for something I don't even want anymore. I am counting the cursed days left on this contract because you better believe as soon as it's up, I am breaking up with you, Verizon, and throwing a fucking party in celebration of my freedom.

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Re: it's the final count down.

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I have never read so much information. There is no charge to change your cell number. However only the account holder can log in to My Verizon Web Portal and click on her second line (your phone should be shown)

I cannot fathom unless your sister gave you account access the ability to pay each line separately.

Just pay your sister and have her pay the complete invoice when due. Problem solved.

You could also to an assumption of liability on that second line on your sisters account. Call *611 or 1-800-922-0204 and make sure your sister is right there with you to do this. Then the line comes off her account and you can then set up your own account with verizon.

You can also switch to T-Mobile now and they will pay off that early termination fee and give credit for your old verizon device, but you have to buy a new phone over time payments from T-Mobile. Please note a hard credit check will be done by verizon if you break off of your sisters account for one of your own, and T-Mobile also does a hard credit check before they provide service.

Good Luck