iPhone 7 Trade in Bait and Switch READ ON!


Like the title states, I feel like I fell into a Bait and Switch scam.

I, like many other have switched over to Verizon to get that sweet deal they were running in the month of September *Trade in your iPhone 6 or 6s and get $650 in credits over 24mo* It looked like everything went well till recently. Let me explain.

I ordered my phones thru telesales from Verizon because like everyone else, it seemed like the online preorder site was having issues with preordering multiple iPhones all in the same order and coming up with the $650 trade in confirmation at the end for all phones. Many others from what I read were experiencing the same issue. So I figured I just call and get someone to help me place these orders for me. I got helped by a Gentleman by the name of Nico [Removed] on September 10th. Nico explained he could order all the phones for me with no issues. I was relieved someone could help me place 5 orders for the new iPhone 7 under the $650 trade in promo for all of them. Nico explained to me that he would divided my order into 3 orders so that my iPhones would ship faster as they were to become available since not all configurations would ship on the same dates. After a while on the phone with him I was finally done and I was happy I would receive my phones soon.

Fast forward to the end of September I received 3 of my 5 iPhones in two separate shipments. One order had 2 iPhones, another had 1 iPhone. I proceeded to activate them. I decided to go to my local Verizon Corporate Store in Knightdale NC that same day to trade in my devices for the 3 iPhones 7 I had received. I went in and I was helped by Tyler [Removed], a Small Business Specialist and Kishara [Removed], a Solutions Manager. Everything was going smooth until they got to my 3rd iPhone trade in. For some reason I was only getting a $220 gift card offer instead of the normal $650 over 24mo offer for my last iPhone 6. Tyler did not know what to do since he could not figure out why the $650 was not coming up, so Kishara assisted him a while she advised me to do the trade in for the $220 gift card and they would submit something for my behalf so the issue would get resolved within 7-10 business days. I was afraid to do this but I followed there instruction and trusted them and I did the 3rd trade in for the $220 gift card.

Then finally I received my last shipment for my last 2 iPhones in the first week of October. I activated them and proceeded to go to the same corporate store. I didn't get the name of the person who helped me in the store that day but the guy was nice. To my surprise they saw that these 2 phones were on a separate account. So he connected those 2 accounts together and made just one account with 5 lines. So now he then proceeded to do the trade in finally when he then saw that the Verizon trade in system was only giving him the $220 gift card offer for both iPhone 6 I was trading in. I was really worried by now. I explained to him I had the same issue with the one iPhone 6 trade in from 2 weeks prior. He then talked to another rep there and advised him to do the trade in and submit a ticket for a correction on the promo. I again trusted them and followed there instructions and I was told to wait another 7-10 business days.

By now it has been 3 weeks (Sept. 30) for the first issue ticket with no response and 2 weeks (Oct. 10th) for the 2 tickets submitted with no response also. I have called customer service and the trade in department all together about 10 times by now and through all the calling I found out that because Nico, the rep who helped me set up my accounts in the first place, instead of setting me up with one account, he set me up with 3 different accounts and they were all manually join together once the phones arrived and that is what's causing the $650 trade in promo not to show up at all.

I am exhausted of trying to get this fixed. All the reps at the customer service department have been super helpful and understanding and have helped me to the best of their knowledge. I have remained polite thru this whole procedure and will continue to do so because that is how I am. I am just asking for someone from this forum or for Verizon to please PLEASE help me with this issue. I don't want to be stuck paying an extra $650 per line for the 3 lines that didn't go thru successfully all because of Nico, the rep who helped me set my account up messed everything up. In total that's $1950 more than I was anticipating. I have yet to use the gift cards I received because I don't want them. I want the $650 that was advertised.

Again please point me to the right direction. All help is appreciated.

I will update if my problem is ever resolved.

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