iPhone 7 Pre-Order Fail - What now?


I set my alarm for 4:30am on September 9th. Got up, ordered the new iPhone 7, Jet Black, 128GB. Took a screenshot of the order confirmation. Went back to bed.

Called a few days later because I had received nothing in regards to a confirmation or anything at all. The account rep looked at my account and said that the order had been placed and I was good to go.

Called today as I still had heard nothing. I was told that something went wrong. My order was there, they could see it, but at the same time it wasn't there. They are blaming Apple, that Apple didn't do what it was supposed to regarding the order.

The only thing they offered to do was to place the order for me now and I would receive it mid to late November.

I looked around at my other options and decided with Sprint.

I called Verizon back up and explained the situation again and that I was looking at switching to Sprint and would they do anything to entice me to stay. I've been a customer since 2005. Nope. Nada. Nothing. Not a thing. I've already spent two hours this morning on this issue and don't have more time to spend so I'm going to hit Post and then get some work done. I just wanted to make sure that this sounded accurate - that they would do nothing to make up for the mistake or to keep me as a customer. Does that sound right?

I really don't want to switch networks. I like Verizon and I've been with them for over 11 years but this just isn't right. Thanks guys.


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Re: iPhone 7 Pre-Order Fail - What now?

Customer Support

It is alarming to hear about the experience you've had, MichaelNess. I assure you that we want nothing more than to put this brand new phone in you hands and I am happy to help.

In order for us to evaluate the account and find a solution, I urge you to reach out to us through our social media or chat channels to work with a representative http://vz.to/1V9mLNe We do apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for being the best part of Verizon.

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